"Introduction to the Semantic Web" talk coming up July 9th @ TriLUG

Fogbeam Phil (that's me, hi!) will be presenting at TriLUG next week, delivering the "Introduction to the Semantic Web" presentation on July 9th.

This is the same presentation I gave at Refresh The Triangle a few weeks ago, so if you missed it then, now's your "make up" opportunity. This is a slightly (ok, considerably) less technical version of an "Introduction To Semantic Web Technologies" presentation that I gave at TriJUG some time ago. This version is meant to be more conceptual and focuses on background, high-level overview, and justification for the Semantic Web, as opposed to low level details of coding applications using Jena and Java.

If you'd like an advance peek at what's going to be presented, the slides are linked from this page and there's also a page with more links to background material that you may find interesting.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Red Hat on July 9th!